Edouard Reveals Insights Using Cobod, CyBe and Twente Concrete 3D Printers | Episode #22

3DVinci Founder & TAM Vinci partner exposes insight regarding his experience using the Cobod Bod 2, CyBe Mortar Printer, and Twente Additive Manufacturing Tilikum 3D Printer in Dubai. It's rare that I get to speak with people who have experience working with multiple companies in this industry but this is one of those rare occasions where Edouard has worked with Cobod, CyBe, and TAM so he is able to provide insights otherwise unavailable. He began researching and working in this industry in 2015 so the companies he mentions have made significant progress since those early days and his experience may not reflect their current technologies if he has not worked with their most recent machines but his experience and insight in this industry is among the most credible in the world.    TAMVinci Website https://tamvinci.com/  Book a consulting call with me  https://jarettgross.youcanbook.me  Check out my site  https://automate.construction  Virtual Village of 3D Printed Construction https://automate.construction/signup  0:00:00 Intro  0:02:30 CyBe Project  0:12:50 Cobod Project  0:50:24 Twente Additive Manufacturing Project  1:00:24 Dubai Municipality Building  1:07:55 Earning ROI with Construction 3D Printing

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