Werner H. Bittner Contour Crafting Investor | Automated Construction Podcast Episode #17

Contour Crafting has been pursuing full construction automation since before Y2K and now their proprietary product the CraftTrans concrete 3D printer is available for purchase in both military and civilian form. 0:00 Intro 1:30 Origin of Contour Crafting 7:00 Werner’s investment into Contour Crafting 20:43 Mission to Decrease Emissions 34:00 CraftTrans Concrete 3D Printer 44:00 Innovation in Construction 51:00 How to Buy a CraftTrans Construction Printer 56:26 Portable Precast Concrete Plants www.automate.construction

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All topics related to automating construction including but not limited to: 3DCP, Parametric Design, 3D Printed Construction, Materials Engineering, Software Engineering and more.