8. Our special business planning process

av AVENUE FOR GROWTH | Publicerades 12/28/2019

In this episode, I'm explaining our special process for business planning. We do the planning in layers, and also have very specific rituals for every quarter, months and weeks. If you'd like to know more about how to implement this planning process into your business, come over to avenueforgrowth.com (avenueforgrowth.com) and check out our programs. If you'd like to discuss your business challenges and know more about the Avenue Business Growth Program, schedule a call here (http://avenueconsultation.com/) ! If you'd like to know more about the opportunities to become a certified Avenue Growth Expert, check this out. (https://avenueforgrowth.com/get-certified/) I also mention our new free training group, come here and join: Activate Your Growth community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/455696271698956) .

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Join us for powerful conversations covering various Growth Activators; the strategies, tactics, beliefs, and rituals you must implement in your growing business to drive the results you desire. Your host, Tiina Wilen, is the founder of Avenue; a business growth consulting & coaching company for ambitious business leaders. She's a Growth Engineer, Systems Specialist, Designer, and an IT geek. She's also a Finn living in Sweden, Mother, Wife, Incurable Visionary, Very Opinionated Person, and a Spainholic. Our mission is to help ambitious, expert-based businesses to sell more, increase profits and live happier.