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Aviation Investment Lounge Ep 5 - Amir Merchant _Sovereign Gulf Partners

av Aviation Investment Lounge | Publicerades 3/16/2020

I normally attend one to two investors initiatives per month, and among the escalation of Corona threat, these events came less crowed.
I wanted to share with you some thoughts regarding investment trends and some real life advice for the entrepreneurs that are scouting for investments.

At this episode, we had the honour of hosting Amir Merchant , a habitue at these investors gatherings, an extremely respected banker, a well-known advisor and consultant for funds and responsible for some huge business transactions better reference funds, private and sovereign.

Our guest today is Mr. Amir Merchant is the Chief Executive Officer of Sovereign Gulf Partners, with more than 30 years' experience in Investment Banking…..his expertise covers international markets such as the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East as well as Emerging Markets.

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