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Aviation Investment Lounge Podcast Ep 4 - THE CONCEPT

av Aviation Investment Lounge | Publicerades 3/15/2020

At this episode, we will discover an innovative project, an inspiring team that imagined, designed and delivered the airline meal tray of the future!

Yes, a meal tray,….where we are served our food when we fly…

You may think that’s a humble meal tray, but these entrepreneurs, revamp the concept, delivering a sustainable option, cost-effective and with digital capacities.
It just took them a couple of years, from the ignition idea, until being on the process of starting production of 18 million of these food trays to be used at 400 aircraft, serving millions of meals, in a potential deal with 4 airlines……So how did it happen?

We are going to meet YAD, Maria and RIJAL, founding partners of The Concept.

I hope that you feel as powerful and inspired as the did recording this podcast.

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