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Achieving Awesome Communication: Nonverbal Communication Ep. 469

av Awesome Marriage Podcast | Publicerades 6/15/2021

A recent survey we did showed that communication is the #1 issue couples want help with. So we’re going to unpack some practical ways to improve the communication in your marriage, with a 6-episode series on “Achieving Awesome Communication.” Nonverbal communication is over 70% of how we communicate, so we want to be sure we do well with it! Listen today and find out how you can improve the nonverbal communication in your marriage.    We pray this episode is helpful to you and your marriage.  Subscribe to Podcast Email to make sure you never miss an episode and get noteworthy quotes, resources, and more delivered straight to your inbox!    *Music for this podcast is created by Noah Copeland. Check him out here!    RESOURCES   Are you tired of the same old dinner date? Our new Summer Bucket List Date Design has simple and fun ways to make the most of date night!  Dr. Kim and Christina mentioned the 30-Day Communication Challenge to help get the communication in your marriage on a healthy track. This is an awesome way to check in, prevent conflict and know your spouse better!  Dr. Kim highly suggests a weekly check in with your spouse as a way to prevent conflict. Our Weekly Marriage Check in Guide makes this super easy to do and it’s yours for a donation of any amount.  Subscribe to Dr. Kim’s Daily One Thing email and get a reminder to do 1 thing each day to help your marriage grow.   Become a Marriage Changer and receive some sweet exclusive benefits. Learn more here!  

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Awesome marriages don't happen on accident and far too many couples are just surviving their marriage when it was meant to thrive. This is the place where we give you practical tips on how to build an awesome marriage. Our passion is to help you strengthen your marriage. Dr. Kim Kimberling hosts the show. He is the President of Awesome Marriage he has been married for 51 years and has been a professional counselor for 35 years. He is the author of 7 Secrets to An Awesome Marriage and 14 Keys To Lasting Love. Dr. Kim is joined by his co-host Christina Dodson. Christina is the COO of Awesome Marriage. She has been married for 10 years. Her and her husband are church planters and love ministering to married couples. Tune in each week to hear practical ways on how to have an awesome marriage! This podcast is brought to you by the ministry of Awesome Marriage.