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Simple Ways To Be A Nicer Spouse | Ep. 463

av Awesome Marriage Podcast | Publicerades 4/6/2021

One of the main things that produces conflict is a lack of sensitivity or kindness. Dr. Kim shares how he has seen a lack of kindness among couples in the counseling room. No matter where your marriage is today ALL of our marriages would be better if we were a little nicer to each other. Join us today as we talk simple ways to just be nice to your spouse.    We pray this episode is helpful to you and your marriage.  Subscribe to Podcast Email to make sure you never miss an episode and get noteworthy quotes, resources, and more delivered straight to your inbox!    *Music for this podcast is created by Noah Copeland. Check him out here!    RESOURCES   Our 7 Most Popular Resource Bundle is available for two weeks only! This bundle contains our Husband Encouragement & Wife Appreciation Challenges - two great places to start becoming a nicer spouse! Subscribe to Dr. Kim’s Daily One Thing email and be reminded to do one thing each day to grow your marriage.  Learn how to make some loving deposits in your spouse’s love tank with our Love Cans resource.  Download a free PDF of Dr. Kim’s Daily Declarations to help you stay grounded in God’s truth each day!   Become a Marriage Changer and receive some sweet exclusive benefits. Learn more here!

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Awesome marriages don't happen on accident and far too many couples are just surviving their marriage when it was meant to thrive. This is the place where we give you practical tips on how to build an awesome marriage. Our passion is to help you strengthen your marriage. Dr. Kim Kimberling hosts the show. He is the President of Awesome Marriage he has been married for 51 years and has been a professional counselor for 35 years. He is the author of 7 Secrets to An Awesome Marriage and 14 Keys To Lasting Love. Dr. Kim is joined by his co-host Christina Dodson. Christina is the COO of Awesome Marriage. She has been married for 10 years. Her and her husband are church planters and love ministering to married couples. Tune in each week to hear practical ways on how to have an awesome marriage! This podcast is brought to you by the ministry of Awesome Marriage.