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Worth Repeating: 5 Ways to Affair Proof Your Marriage Part 1

av Awesome Marriage Podcast | Publicerades 6/1/2021

In all his years in the counseling office, Dr. Kim says that he’s never seen anyone who set out to have an affair. It was a process of one baby step after another that led them there. But you can avoid those baby steps altogether! Tune in today to learn 5 ways to affair proof your marriage. We’re releasing part 1 & 2 today because they’re definitely worth repeating.    We pray this episode is helpful to you and your marriage.  Subscribe to Podcast Email to make sure you never miss an episode and get noteworthy quotes, resources, and more delivered straight to your inbox!    *Music for this podcast is created by Noah Copeland. Check him out here!    RESOURCES   Are you tired of the same old dinner date? Our new Summer Bucket List Date Design has simple and fun ways to make the most of date night!  We’ve got a little gift to give to our loyal listeners! Simply leave a rating and review of the podcast, and we will give you our Couple's Unity Building Journal. Just leave a rating and review, screenshot it and send it to info@awesomemarriage with "Unity Building" as the subject title and we will email you this great resource. Choose one of our free YouVersion Bible Reading Plans to help get into the scripture.  If your marriage has been rocked by an affair, you are not alone. Healing doesn’t come easy. That’s why we have created a helpful tool to help couples on their journey to restoration: the Online Affair Recovery Course.  Use mundane moments for Godly purpose with House Prayer Cards! One way to get, and stay, on the same page in your marriage is a regular check in. Our Weekly Check Up Guide makes it super easy for you!  Subscribe to Dr. Kim’s Daily One Thing email and get a reminder to do 1 thing to grow.   Become a Marriage Changer and receive some sweet exclusive benefits. Learn more here!  

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