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AWS Podcast

#405: [INTRODUCING] Amazon Timestream

av AWS Podcast | Publicerades 11/5/2020

Data that changes over time, called time series data, is being collected by IoT, edge, and operational applications at enormous rates. But how can you store and analyze all this time series data in a cost effective and scalable way? Simon is joined by Tony Gibbs, Principal Database Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS to discuss Amazon Timestream, a new database service purpose-built for time series use cases. 1) Amazon Timestream Product Page [https://aws.amazon.com/timestream/], 2) Getting Started with Amazon Timestream (Video) [https://aws.amazon.com/timestream/], 3) Amazon Timestream Developer Guide [https://docs.aws.amazon.com/timestream/latest/developerguide/what-is-timestream.html], 4) AWS News Blog: Store and Access Time Series Data at Any Scale with Amazon Timestream – Now Generally Available [https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/store-and-access-time-series-data-at-any-scale-with-amazon-timestream-now-generally-available/]

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