Episode 54 - August 2019 Tech Round-up

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Avsnittet publicerades: 8/23/2019


In this round-up episode of AWS TechChat, Shane and Pete come at you with raft of short sharp and important updates that occurred in August in the year 2019. However, before doing this they took a look at the SDLC or the Software Development Lifecycle through the lens of AWS Lambda, our favorite server-less compute engine. We discussed trade-offs; in other words, what you are getting and what you are losing with AWS Lambda. We talked through the AWS Lambda support policy, 12-factor apps and worked through three options in which you can manage deprecation of runtimes. We then pivoted to updates, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (ECS) now supports multiple load balancers. You can now attach multiple target groups to your Amazon ECS services that are running on either Amazon EC2 or AWS Fargate. This update is quite huge and a big win for customers. AWS Lake Formation is now Generally Available, and it is a new managed service to help you build a secure data lake in days. It allows you to Identify, ingest, clean, and transform data, enforce security policies across multiple services and gain and manage new insights. Before closing the show off with a raft of Amazon EC2 Updates, 7 to be exact, some general updates, some around spot fleet and another around capacity optimization strategy for Amazon EC2 Spot instances. Speakers: Shane Baldacchino - Solutions Architect, ANZ, AWS Peter Stanski - Head of Solution Architecture, AWS Resources: Achieve 3x better Spark performance with EMR 5.25.0 https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/08/achieve-3x-better-spark-performance-with-emr-5250/ Amazon CloudFront announces new Edge location in Israel https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/08/cloudfront-israel/ AWS Lambda Runtime Support Policy https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lambda/latest/dg/runtime-support-policy.html Amazon ECS services now support multiple load balancer target groups https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/07/amazon-ecs-services-now-support-multiple-load-balancer-target-groups/ AWS Lake Formation – Now Generally Available https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/aws-lake-formation-now-generally-available/ APAC Online Event: AWS Builders Online Series https://aws.amazon.com/events/builders-online-series/ AWS Innovate on-demand https://aws.amazon.com/events/aws-innovate/

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