How to Incorporate PR into a Multi-Channel Strategy

In this episode, I speak with Xanthe Vaughan Williams, Co-founder of Fourth Day. I started my marketing career working in PR and have always been involved in it in some way or another, working both in-house and agency-side. What has struck me over the last decade is that - particularly in B2B - there are some pretty fundamental misconceptions about what PR actually is AND how to build a programme that drives real results. During this conversation, Xanthe and I dissect the blurring lines between earned, owned and shared media, building value and credibility through third-party endorsements, and developing a successful multi-channel strategy centred around your company founder. You can visit the Fourth Day website here: — Big thanks to Sopro for sponsoring this week’s episode of B2B Better. They just published "The State of Prospecting 2024" - a bumper report that offers data-backed advice on optimizing outreach. You can check it out by visiting this link.

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