B2U: The Business to User podcast

S1E2: Why do people love brands?

av B2U: The Business to User podcast | Publicerades 2/22/2020

Daniel Eximins the question: Why do people love brands. Featuring: Heather Nicols, Dan Holloway, Fiona Lucas, and Emily Crume.

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Is there a way to take the best practices from the best internet startups and create perfect internet success? Daniel Glickman believes that there is. B2U, or Business to User, is an emerging business model that can be studied, defined and executed. Join Daniel on his journey as he explores different aspects of how successful online businesses sell to, engage with, and grow their user base. From customer acquisition to product design, the podcast dissects what these innovative companies do so well. Learn more at http://www.b2upodcast.com