GERD: Does Starting Solids Early Help Babies with GERD? with Peter Lu, MD

#182: What do babies with reflux or GERD need to do differently when it comes to starting solid foods? In this episode pediatric gastroenterologist Peter Lu, MD is joining me to run through how having GERD affects baby’s ability to do baby-led weaning. Dr. Lu specializes in motility disorders and is a real life first time dad of baby Emma. They’re doing baby-led weaning with her, so he knows exactly what you’re going through too!   If you’ve ever been told that starting solid foods early will help manage baby’s GERD, Dr. Lu has some new and exciting research and findings that will reframe how you think about timing your GERD baby’s intro to solid foods.   If you’re ready to raise an independent eater and prevent picky eating then let’s get started learning about baby-led weaning together! Subscribe, rate and review the podcast here.   FREE BABY-LED WEANING FOR BEGINNERS ONLINE WORKSHOP:   FOLLOW @BABYLEDWEANTEAM ON INSTAGRAM:   SHOWNOTES FOR THIS EPISODE:

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Babies can eat so many more foods than we give them credit for! Katie Ferraro, Registered Dietitian, baby-led weaning expert and mom of 7 helps you get a SAFE start to solid foods using baby-led weaning. Baby-led weaning helps your baby become an independent eater & prevents picky eating. Join Katie for easy-to-implement infant feeding tips and tricks that will build confidence in your baby’s ability to safely start solid food and self-feed!