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Backstage Journal Podcast with Rhett Shull

Talking To John Mayer's Guitar Teacher, Tomo Fujita

av Backstage Journal Podcast with Rhett Shull | Publicerades 2/26/2020

Tomo Fujita is one of my favorite guitar players to follow on social media, he has an incredible feel for not only playing, but teaching as well. In this interview I learn more about Tomo's history, how he got into teaching and what it was like having a you John Mayer as a guitar student.  Follow Tomo on Instagram @tomojustfunky This episode is sponsored by DistroKid

Om Podcasten

Backstage Journal Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by musician and YouTuber Rhett Shull & his wife Tilly Shull. Each episode features a different guest and focuses on open discussion ranging from life as a working musician to starting and growing your own YouTube channel to turning your creative passion into your full time career.