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Bakes' Takes

Bakes' Takes Podcast E25 - 8/29/20--Diversify from your job! How to SELL stocks! Volatility is back!

av Bakes' Takes | Publicerades 9/4/2020

Bakes’ Takes Podcast Show Notes Sunday August 30, 2020 :24 1) SUEB doing ok, yes added Bitcoin:36 2) Diversify away from your job:44 3) How to SELL stocks Bakes’ Takes—My/Our Portfolio 1:06 Two months, Up 1.4 %, URNM +10%+, HERO +5%+, URA +5%+, SIL -2%, GBTC -7% GBTC—Bitcoin, “digital gold”, Fed new inflation stance, volatile, 19% premium to NAV Bakes’ Take—Fan Mail! Calls! Questions! Mike! 6:38 Bobby, Jack—diversify away from QTS, UBS! SUEB sure does the job! They are my audience, I invite you to eavesdrop, not investment advice (damn lawyers) but we eat home cooking 8:14 CNBC, others--Price, splits don’t matter 10:04 Sell Discipline II… Royal Caribbean/RCL$117 1/31, 116 2/3, 48 3/9=$93 vs $68=-37% Please use your voice memo app, tape your question(s) and email to bakes@bakestakespodcast.com                                           13:15 Bakes’ Take—Bonds are going down! 60/40 nuclear winter! Please send your rationale/reactions 13:29 Bakes Take—Podcasts of the Week! https://player.fm/series/pivot-111049/pivot-schooled-2-the-new-generation-of-innovators-with-nextdoor-ceo-sarah-friar-and-investor-rana-yaredKara Swisher, Scott Galloway—fan of both, left of me, most are, both can turn a phrase, i.e. Shakespeare, “weapons of mass entrenchment”, etc.—at 8 minutes or so Scott declares Tik Tok will not be sold, K-12 much more problematic than affluent 19 years old annoying parents at home Bakes’ Take—Reporters of the Week! 16:23 Bakes’ Takes—Charts/Tweets of the Week! 1700+ but ignore leveraged ETF’s, ultra, 2x, etc. 16:30 Sugar 16:46 Copper 17:19 Palladium 18:20 Natural Gas 19:06 Short Term Volatility Medium Term Volatility 20:40 Who will win the 2020 U.S. presidential election? 22:46 Bear Traps Report26:30 Please also subscribe to my Bakes’ Takes YouTube Channel, the audio is the same but the charts that I reference are on the screen. Follow us on Twitter @BakesTakes_ and other social media. Please use your voice memo app, tape your question(s) and email to bakes@bakestakespodcast.com or write if you prefer. I will also keep you anonymous is you’d like. Thank you for listening, Mike Wilson is my producer. Have a great week. Bakes 27:00 Much needed levity—Baby Chefhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veXsCLmghpM Monty Python—Shoe Box in the Middle of the Roadhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue7wM0QC5LE

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