Episode 02, Part 1: Democratizing industrial-level 3D printing hardware and manufacturing technology with Dival Banerjee and Matt Parlmer

This episode features Dival Banerjee, Founder of Vuecason, and Matt Parlmer, Founder of GenFab, who both are working on inventive ways to bring industrial-level 3D printing capability to the masses. We talked about what they’re working on and how it impacts the future of not only manufacturing, but how it can greatly inspire tomorrow’s engineers and builders. How do we make manufacturing more accessible and cost-friendly? Are hardware design processes stuck in the 90s? Can hardware and manufacturing find its “AWS moment” and get to push-button ease? When will hardware get its own kind of version control, collaboration tools, variables, and functions? What will the next generation of CAD look like? Will we ever get the equivalent of a hardware linter for CAD? Tune in to this deep discussion. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/balenaio/message

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