Episode 02, Part 2: On democratizing industrial-level 3D printing hardware and manufacturing technology to solve supply chain challenges, talkin' space travel, and advanced 3D printer mods

Turns out when you have big-brain 3D printing entrepreneurs hanging out, there’s no end on what to cover. Our guests, Dival Banerjee, Founder of Vuecason, and Matt Parlmer, Founder of GenFab, talk shop about how democratizing manufacturing machinery, software, and methods can help us solve some of the growing global supply chain challenges. It’s also not just about solving the supply chain problems. What does the lack of manufacturing software and hardware innovation mean for our pace of technological advancement across mankind? Will we ever achieve Sci-Fi-level spacefaring dreams? It can’t all be work and no play, of course. Learn what kind of must-have modifications any 3D printer enthusiast must have to supercharge their home setup. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/balenaio/message

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