Bantha Milk Podcast: A Star Wars Podcast

Johnny Jalopy tells us how Cars and Star Wars are awesome.

av Bantha Milk Podcast: A Star Wars Podcast | Publicerades 3/26/2021

We have on the show this week world famous artist Johnny Jalopy who draws some super cool old school hot rod art. HIs show sketchy live can be seen on facebook every Monday night at 9:30. We talk about how he got into art, how he started drawing cars, how cool his Darth Vader car is he created, and about his time with Ian Roussel. After we found out all there was to know about the man Johnny Jalopy we find out about his favorite and most memorial moments in Star Wars. We are a Star Wars podcast after all.  Check out the show he is a fun interview, and a great guy! --- Send in a voice message: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Do you like The Mandalorian? We do! Do you like Star Wars? We do. We will find out all there is to know about The Mandalorian. What do we do when The Mandalorian is not airing you ask? Not to worry we will fill the airways with a lot of knowledge about Star Wars. We know stuff. You want to listen to us, so you can know stuff as well. Give a listen, check out our web page Listen to our Affiliates on EarzUp. Share some Star Wars knowledge with us. E-mail us at