Bantha Milk Podcast: A Star Wars Podcast

Stump the Star Wars Nerd & Bad Batch Ep 5 & 6 Review/Rundown/Spoilers

av Bantha Milk Podcast: A Star Wars Podcast | Publicerades 6/10/2021

We have another rundown of The Bad Batch this week. This time we tell you all about Episodes 5 and 6 and what you might have missed. Did you see Carla from Cheers? We did. We have some ideas of where the show is going, and who will do what in the future. In Star Wars news we have some secrets about when The Mandalorian Season 3 will come out, and how and why Lego will have a Cara Dune figure when you can not buy any other Cara Dune action figures.  Finally, Nick comes back with another Stump the Star Wars nerd trivia with 8 questions for Rob starting easy and then finishing up super hard. Can you answer all 8 questions before Rob can?  --- Send in a voice message: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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