S02E01 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Season Two Baby!! We are back for season two of the podcast, and this episode we're going for the jugular. We discussed cancel culture and the attitude towards exposing people's mistakes and sins, particular people in positions of fame/power. Why do certain people in the community feel they have the God given right to expose people, and who made them the gatekeepers of paradise? We dive deep into why this happens and what we might be able to do about it. This season we're taking the podcast to a whole new level. You can watch this episode over on Khaled Siddiq's YouTube channel, and from Episode 2 onwards we will be on our very own YouTube channel (Baraka Boys) so be sure to subscribe. The podcast is also now available as an audio podcast on Spotify, and coming soon to Apple Podcasts.  For more news and updates, you can find us onInstagram: @barakaboysTwitter: @thebarakaboys

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