S02E05 - Sectarianism: Sufi vs. Salafi!

Sectarianism is something most of us will experience at some point in our Islamic journey. With everyone appealing to the authority and legitimacy of their group above all, it can become confusing for young Muslims to decide which group to join, or if they should even join a group at all. We break down some of our personal experiences with different Islamic groups, and try to offer a way out of the false dichotomy presented to many Muslims.This season we're taking the podcast to a whole new level. You can watch this episode over on the brand new Baraka Boys YouTube channel. The podcast is also now available as an audio podcast on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.For more news and updates, you can find us on:Instagram: @barakaboysTwitter: @thebarakaboys

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An alternative take on issues affecting the lives of young Muslims. Talking art, culture, religion, spirituality and so much more.