S02E07 - What Do Guys Look for in Girls?

The relationship between guys and girls is always one of the hottest topics on the Muslim scene, with every scholar, speaker, and influencer coming out with their own hot take. But how often do we get to honestly discuss what guys look for in girls? In this episode we discuss what matters most when looking for a partner and how we each prioritise different qualities.This season we're taking the podcast to a whole new level. You can watch this episode over on the brand new Baraka Boys YouTube channel. The podcast is also now available as an audio podcast on Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. For more news and updates, you can find us on:Instagram: @barakaboysTwitter: @thebarakaboysApple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/baraka-boys-podcast/id1483617450 Podbean: https://barakaboys.podbean.com/

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