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It all happened within months. Staci only did 2 things after she met me and found Barefoot Autism Warriors. These 2 things changed everything. Her son went from violence and not engaging to saying his first 2 sentences.These 2 first sentences revealed so many things. They confirmed that his mother was doing the right thing to recover him. They revealed that these children intuitively know how to heal. They revealed that these children are lightyears ahead of us and that their symptoms are messages for humanity about why we are ill and how we heal:So what was it? What did he say? His mom still cries when she tells you what they were: "Find the Sun." And.."Put my feet to the earth, mama."I have to admit that I cried as well, when she told me. Not because I didn't know that these children are wayshowers and lightworkers. But because this podcast interview is a distilled version of all the wisdom we need in order to understand autism recovery and the turnaround process. Today I will share it with all of you. I don't think you can get through the 35 minutes without crying at least twice. In this episode, Staci tells you:How her son went from non-engaging and non-communication to singing, speaking, communicating, bonding with his siblings and bringing sacred messages from Divine intelligence to his mother.How it felt when she and her husband stopped talking because they were in a warzone. How it felt like she was drowning, when her son regressed into severe autism just after she'd given birth to her twin sons as well.  How much grief and shame she felt when her twins had to wear helmets to reshape their heads, because she didn't have the time or energy to be fully there for them. And how it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because her autistic son was so violent, that he would have damaged their tiny heads. How  she started the research that led her to me because of her mental problems - caused by the pain and stress from being an autism parent with PTSD. And how that led her down a rabbit hole of alternative approaches.How a naturopath almost drained them financially with protocols and therapies that had to be paid up front and how ABA and therapies ended up overwhelming the whole family without significant results. How everything changed within 2 months when we met each other and Staci (and her son) started the simple steps to outdoor healing and lifestyle changes.How you can let go of all the time consuming therapies (even though it's scary) and give yourself and your child freedom and time to just plkay, read and relax (and get quicker results when it comes to recovery.Why your healing journey and your peace as a parent is THE  most important part of the complete healing puzzle and how she hated the idea of putting in the work in the beginning. Enjoy this podcast. No matter if you are a parent with a newly diagnosed child or an expert in biomedical approaches and autism recovery, this interview will change your life. Please subscribe and give us 5 stars for this podcast on Itunes or wherever you listen to this podcast.

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The "pick me up" podcast for overwhelmed autism warrior moms who are looking to get their child and their life back. Done with wasting time & money on in-effective therapies, extreme autism diets, supplements, test and Biomed protocols? Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson turned her son's autism around in Nature.This podcast is where you find the holistic tools, mindset strategies, experts and success path she used to get him from stimming, sleepless nights, tantrums, chaos and no eye contact to a neurotypical life. Replace stress anxiety and fear with hope, peace and clarity and inner/spiritual guidance. Autism is a messenger. When we listen, change and return to nature - peace is restored. In our child and in our family. Autism