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av Barely Functioning Podcast | Publicerades 5/5/2020

Going into week eight of social distancing the girls dish on their quarantine shopping habits, and the lengths ones of them has to go to get their packages into their apartment unnoticed. Ladies tell us...where are you hiding the amazon boxes?! But getting down to business, the girls cover a topic that is near and dear to Amanda’s heart, entrepreneurship! They chat about the highs & lows of following your passion and starting your own business, how small businesses are pivoting these days and their top tips to anyone thinking about starting a new business venture. Follow us on Instagram @barelyfunctioningpodcast, with your hosts Amanda & Kristina @kristina__hammond. Want to get in on our newsletter?! Subscribe at and submit your barely functioning OR totally thriving moments to We have a new partner on the block, BFFs meet Flago Fitness! Both Amanda & Kristina are huge fans of this brand and their home workout bands. Inspired by fitness on the go Flago Fitness is built by busy women for busy women, empowering our global community to be their best selves through fitness! Follow Flago on instagram @flagofitness, and enjoy 15% off today when you use code BFF15 at checkout on

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Everyone’s confused about everything & nobody gets it right all of the time but we’re in this together. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, and let’s be honest, we all thought we’d have it figured out by now but here we are here. Grab a coffee, pour a glass and join Amanda ( & Kristina (@kristina__hammond) every Tuesday as we discuss life experiences, relatable truths and have a candid conversation on navigating adulthood.