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The Girls Get Social with Claudia Erban

av Barely Functioning Podcast | Publicerades 2/4/2020

This week the girls are joined by Claudia Erban (@Urban.meets.erban), who is one of the kindest, most authentic and punniest (see her insta) guests they've have had on yet. The girls sit down and get super candid on how they’re feeling this week - and spoiler alert it’s not great. But as always they don’t let that stop them, the girls show up and show out on this one. Claudia chats about her day job, her passion for fitness and what social media means to her. A lady that never has enough on her plate and loves a challenge she is absolutely an enneagram 3, just like Amanda… and it shows (in a good way, of course). Claudia shares her journey to self confidence and feelings of being adequate, pressure to be present on social media, being part of a supportive community and how everyone’s perception of what they see on social differs based on how you’re feeling that day/minute/hour. And most importantly she discusses the importance of being authentic to yourself, not only on social media but in social settings as well. Follow us on Instagram @barelyfunctioningpodcast, with your hosts Amanda & Kristina @kristina__hammond. Want to get in on our newsletter?! Subscribe at and submit your barely functioning OR totally thriving moments to Thank you to our partner Wolfe Academy! Wolfe Academy offers courses and workshops for entrepreneurs to learn how to build and market their brands through social and digital media. Become a member today and receive $25 off a WOLFE ACADEMY membership when you use code WOLFIE25 at checkout. Sign up at

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Everyone’s confused about everything & nobody gets it right all of the time. Some days we’re barely functioning, some days we’re totally thriving and most days we are a bit of both. But let’s be honest, we all thought we’d have it figured out by now. Grab a coffee, pour a glass and hang with Kristina (@kristina__hammond) every Tuesday as she discusses life experiences, hilarious, relatable truths and has a candid conversation on navigating adulthood. It's the breath of fresh air you never knew you needed.