Torsdagar Battleground with Amanda Litman and Faiz Shakir

"QAnon: Totally Detached From Reality" with Travis View

av Battleground with Amanda Litman and Faiz Shakir | Publicerades 1/18/2021

Travis View is a writer and researcher who has been reporting on the QAnon conspiracy community for over two years. He is one of the hosts of "QAnon Anonymous" a podcast that has assiduously (and hilariously) chronicled the rise of what is now America's most notorious political conspiracy theory. View has travelled across the country to go to QAnon events, tangled with adherents online, and kept close tabs on them for over 200 episodes. David and Travis talk about the conspiracy, how it affects American politics, why it has such a firm grip on its followers, and what it all means for the future of the country. QAnon Anonymous: Learn more about your ad-choices at

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Battleground brings you inside the fight for political power. Hosts Amanda Litman and Faiz Shakir aren't your typical pundits – in fact, they're not pundits at all. They're doing the work day-in and day-out, and have the inside scoop on what's really happening behind the tweets and headlines. (Imagine listening to the mic'd-up quarterback in the final down of the fourth quarter, but instead of talking football, it's about saving democracy.) Every week, Amanda and Faiz have a wide ranging, unguarded, and occasionally profanity-laden conversation with reporters, activists, organizers, political scientists, campaign operatives – and even some conservatives – in order to shine a light on the problems we face and figure out how we can fix them. Both bring deep knowledge and experience building grassroots movements for change. Amanda is the co-founder and executive director Run for Something, which recruits and supports young progressives running for local state and local offices, and host of the Run for Something podcast on Dear Media. Faiz was the campaign manager for Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign, and he's the founder of the progressive media non-profit More Perfect Union. Listen to new episodes each Thursday on your favorite podcast app.