067 4 Separation Anxiety Notions You Need To Reject

Sadly, we are fed a huge volume of incorrect advice about separation anxiety. And whenever we get bombarded with information, we start to believe what we are told, whether that information is fact-based or not.  That's why, in this episode, I go through four of the most commonly-held beliefs about separation anxiety that we must reject. 

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How do I get my dog over separation anxiety? How can I leave my dog without him constantly barking or me coming back to destruction? These are just some of the big questions that dog separation anxiety specialist, Julie Naismith, tackles in her podcast. The podcast episodes are packed with how-to guides, step-by-step training blueprints, and tips and tricks to survive separation anxiety. Each episode is packed with tips, tricks and actionable steps. And Julie also shares her story of how she and her dog survived separation anxiety.