How to DEAL with loneliness in Entrepreneurship

Most people who decide to pursue their dream & start their businesses spend the first few years struggling with loneliness. This can be very hard & stressful for you mentally & physically & it's important to learn more about why this is & what you can do to go through it having more support.If you like this episode, please share a screenshot of it on your IG stories & tag @kritishastry & @beyourbawsepodcast , I'd love to hear from you!

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Hi girl! Welcome to Bawse Bestie! I've been an entrepreneur since 8 years & I've built multiple 6 figure businesses doing what I love! From being broke AF unable to pay for a cab to now owning multiple successful businesses, married to the love of my life & living with my husband & my two adorable furbabies, I could not have built this dream life if I didn't choose to believe in myself & hustle towards my dreams.Whether you are someone who is just starting to think about building your own business or you've been hustling hard on this journey for a while now & you are just looking to chat about this crazy journey with a girl bestie, this podcast will be that friend to you that you can just relate to, maybe learn from & hopefully also inspire you on your journey to build your own dream life!Dive into the episodes & DM me on IG : @kritishastry if you find something helpful! I'd love to connect with you & hear from you!