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How to overcome self-doubt

Thank you for coming back to the show! We have an exciting episode for you this week!In this episode, we're chatting all things self-doubt & how to overcome it to be able to achieve our big goals & take action.If you love this episode, please share a screenshot on your IG story & tag @kritishastry & @beyourbawsepodcast !I'd love to hear any feedback you have for the show : mail at or DM @kritishastry or @beyourbawsepodcast

Om Podcasten

Kriti Shastry is your business bestie who is passionate about inspiring you to create the life of your dreams & do what you're truly meant for. From being an IT employee to owning multiple 6 figure businesses in just 2 years, Kriti proves that you can really do anything & create the life that you want if you choose to believe in yourself. Her goal with this podcast is to share all the lessons that she learns through her own journey & to support you in your own journey of life & personal development.