Why you're not making PROGRESS

These are some crazy times. A lot of uncertainty & a lot of anxiety that we're all experiencing as a society. But is that the only reason why you're not making progress? Are you just blaming it on the pandemic today & tomorrow it would be the next thing that's stopping you from reaching your goals? Or is it something deeper that may be uncomfortable for you to think about? Are you setting the right goals for yourself? How do you know if it is right?Those are some questions that we dive into in today's episode. Hope you find it helpful!If you do, share it with a friend or share a story! Tag @beyourbawsepodcast & @kritishastry .IG : @kritishastry , @beyourbawsepodcast

Om Podcasten

Hi girl! Welcome to Bawse Bestie! I've been an entrepreneur since 8 years & I've built multiple 6 figure businesses doing what I love! From being broke AF unable to pay for a cab to now owning multiple successful businesses, married to the love of my life & living with my husband & my two adorable furbabies, I could not have built this dream life if I didn't choose to believe in myself & hustle towards my dreams.Whether you are someone who is just starting to think about building your own business or you've been hustling hard on this journey for a while now & you are just looking to chat about this crazy journey with a girl bestie, this podcast will be that friend to you that you can just relate to, maybe learn from & hopefully also inspire you on your journey to build your own dream life!Dive into the episodes & DM me on IG : @kritishastry if you find something helpful! I'd love to connect with you & hear from you!