Fashion for Everybody with Sinéad Burke

Model Naomi Shimada meets Sinéad Burke, the former teacher now schooling the fashion industry on designing and marketing for people with disabilities. In 2019 Sinéad became the first self-described ‘little person’ to attend the annual Met Gala fashion fundraiser and feature on the cover of Vogue. But when will the industry move beyond such milestones to become truly representative and inclusive? Fashion blogger and teacher, turned campaigner, consultant and author, Sinéad Burke is now educating children and chief executives alike. By working to fix fashion to represent people of all shapes and sizes, she’s also expanding the very idea of beauty. Presenter: Naomi Shimada Producer: Kirsty McQuire Editor: Rebecca Stratford If you are affected by issues raised in this episode you can get more information at

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Model and author Naomi Shimada meets the people from the world of fashion and beauty who know how to get their beauty fix, while showing that beauty is anything but fixed. Naomi lifts the filter on selfies and self-care, with models, influencers and campaigners, all fixing broken beauty standards in their own way.