Nail Transphobia with Charlie Craggs

Model Naomi Shimada talks manicures, myths and dream salons with the nail art activist, author and model. Charlie Craggs studied at the London College of Fashion and it was there that she dreamt up Nail Transphobia, offering truly transformative treatments. Her mobile salon is a safe space where anyone can receive a free manicure from a transgender beautician and learn more about life as a trans or non-binary person, while enjoying a shape and polish. After seven years on the road, the salon has been forced to close during the coronavirus pandemic, but Charlie shares the rituals of self-care and self-preservation that are keeping her spirits up during lockdown. Presenter: Naomi Shimada Producer: Kirsty McQuire Editor: Rebecca Stratford If you are affected by issues raised in this episode you can get more information at Photo: Charlie Craggs/ Naomi Shimada Credit: Vicky Lawton/ BBC

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Model and author Naomi Shimada meets the people from the world of fashion and beauty who know how to get their beauty fix, while showing that beauty is anything but fixed. Naomi lifts the filter on selfies and self-care, with models, influencers and campaigners, all fixing broken beauty standards in their own way.