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Ruby Hammer

av Beauty Full Lives | Publicerades 11/7/2019

Make-up artist and beauty industry maverick Ruby Hammer MBE's story speaks of her innate chutzpah and inner conviction, and includes ditching plans to work for the UN n favour of make-up artistry after a chance encounter, hard graft while growing her career as a mum to a young daughter, and launching a huge brand while going through a divorce. Her advice to her younger self? ‘When I was young, I was always an optimist and I was pretty naive, and I think now I realise is that life is not all singalong and happy and you’re going not to be giddy and happy forever. Is it full of ups and down and let downs, whether they’re commercial, financial, emotional. I’ve lost my parents now, I’ve gone through a divorce so I would say to [a younger] me, “just be prepared, Ruby. And don’t lose sight of who you are; integrity means a lot.”' In this episode, we discuss the role of beauty and it's emotional impact on Ruby's life, her move from Nigeria to London, how she ended up going from helping at her mum's restaurant to a make-up artist creating looks for Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire among others, and what having an MBE means to her.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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