#22 -BEER - Magnus Walker

The Urban Outlaw, the Porsche dude that looks like Rob Zombie, He's a true Road Runner Magnuis Walker and he's so much more than those things. Magnus is a fun loving dude that has a story to share, as unique as his car collection and his 27,000 sq ft warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. Listen to Jarod and Magnus talk about life, loss and love for the open road. Magnus is a true ROAD RUNNER!

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Jarod DeAnda talks with his fellow "Roadrunners" from around the globe including but not limited to cars, travel, music, food and of course B.E.E.R. Beer, Everything Enjoyable & Running the road of life! ROADRUNNERS: Not just a desert dwelling bird but people who "run" the road traveling and doing life, doing what they love in different walks of life.