#23 - BEER - Scott Sengpiel - Snap-on Tools

Meet Scott Sengpiel, friend, Father, racer, builder also Jarod's liaison to the iconic brand Snap-on Tools the 100+ year old tool manufacturer and brand. Scott and Jarod talk about their relationship, Scotts background and how he's never er left Wisconsin but ENJOYS the evolution of their relationship and how Sam Nalven will NEVER be on this podcast. Just Kidding Love you Sam! Scott is a ROADRUNNER!

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Jarod DeAnda talks with his fellow "Roadrunners" from around the globe including but not limited to cars, travel, music, food and of course B.E.E.R. Beer, Everything Enjoyable & Running the road of life! ROADRUNNERS: Not just a desert dwelling bird but people who "run" the road traveling and doing life, doing what they love in different walks of life.