#24 - BEER - Jonathan Sieber - Porsche classic & other automotive brands

Meet Jonathan Sieber IV - Jonathan and Jarod have known each other for numerous years. Jonathans automotive affinity runs deep growing up in Detroit working for many different companies and different capacities, currently running Porsche Classics USA in Georgia to the past companies such as Recaro & MOMO. Take a listen to the history and knowledge that Jonathan shares while Jarod was in Atlanta, Georgia for Formula Drift round 1. The podcast was recorded at The Corner Tavern in Hapeville, GA just across the street from Porsche Experience Center, hence while it has some background noise. Jonathan is a true Roadrunner!

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Jarod DeAnda talks with his fellow "Roadrunners" from around the globe including but not limited to cars, travel, music, food and of course B.E.E.R. Beer, Everything Enjoyable & Running the road of life! ROADRUNNERS: Not just a desert dwelling bird but people who "run" the road traveling and doing life, doing what they love in different walks of life.