#7 - BEER - Branden Steineckert

BEER with Jarod DeAnda and with current RANCID drummer Branden Steineckert but he's so much more than a drummer. Branden speaks about his affinity for being into skateboarding, cars, off road, the desert of Utah, homies, good people, soccer or football for the NON-Americans haha. Branden is as unique as his tattoos, listen up as Jarod and Branden talk on so many diverse topics...

Om Podcasten

Jarod DeAnda talks with his fellow "Roadrunners" from around the globe including but not limited to cars, travel, music, food and of course B.E.E.R. Beer, Everything Enjoyable & Running the road of life! ROADRUNNERS: Not just a desert dwelling bird but people who "run" the road traveling and doing life, doing what they love in different walks of life.