Episode 348 - How to Prioritize What Matters Most

Spending long hours at work to support your lifestyle becomes a paradox if you are never present to enjoy that life. The time you spend with your spouse and kids is as important, if not more, than the benefits of a wealthy lifestyle. Still, it is not a matter of choice; it is not an either-or situation. It's about organization and planning.In this episode, you'll learn why prioritizing what matters most is a life-changing decision to make. We look closely at one of the most powerful tools ever created to get the best out of every day: pre-week planning. We explain how to set it up the right way, create a powerful WHY that will work as fuel, and approach it properly from a personal and professional point of view.Tune in to Episode 348 of Becoming Your Best, commit to pre-week planning, and see your life and the life of those who matter most to you improve weekly.In This Episode, You Will Learn: Three short stories with a powerful message. (2:26) Time is your most valuable asset. Are you spending it wisely? (6:43) A couple of extra tips on how to get the best of pre-week planning. (10:17) What are you doing with "your dash"? (13:21) Four steps to get pre-week planning right. (14:35) Lead a life by design, or live a life by default. The choice is yours. (22:31)Becoming Your Best Resources: Becoming Your Best Website Becoming Your Best University Website Becoming Your Best Library Email: support@becomingyourbest.com Book: Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders Book: Conquer Anxiety: How to Overcome Anxiety and Optimize Your Performance Facebook Group – Conquer Anxiety  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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How do you feel about your personal and professional life? Many people feel like they or their teams are stuck in a mediocrity trap. The question is how do you take where you are today and make it better and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to your success? Not only that, but how can you inspire your children or employees to do the same and become their best? In the Becoming Your Best podcast, Steve and Rob Shallenberger will help you uncover the principles of highly successful leaders. This podcast will give you the tools and processes to help you become the person, parent, partner, or leader that you’ve dreamed of becoming. This podcast also gives leaders and their teams the tools and know-how to break down performance barriers, achieve huge results, and be the disruptive company in their industry. When collectively applied, our signature 12 principles will have a profound impact on the revenue, culture, innovation and productivity of any organization in any industry. You will discover how to make communication easier and clearer, live in greater peace and balance, manage your time effectively, more persuasively lead others with an inspiring vision, and how to embrace change—not fear it. As the global authority on leadership training, Becoming Your Best teaches people how to follow their own path to success using the 12 Principles discovered by founder Steven Shallenberger in his 40+ years of research as a business leader. Countless key executives, organizations, athletes, teachers, and individuals worldwide have come to rely on these principles and processes. Becoming Your Best is packed with advice, tools, and examples for turning your thoughts into action, motivating yourself and those around you, inspiring teams to solve problems creatively, and building the life you’ve always dreamed of. Click subscribe to get a new podcast episode every Thursday. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.