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NEW season of Bedtime Explorers: Little Creatures

av Bedtime Explorers | Publicerades 12/17/2020

Happy holidays! The new season of Bedtime Explorers ‘Little Creatures’ is here!! Hosted by mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, each episode invites little explorers to shrink down to visit the magical world of insects and bugs - little creatures with a BIG important place in the world. Just like all little explorers. And kids will love learning the soothing bee meditation to help them wind down into their imaginations before drifting off to sleep. Enjoy the first episode for free now. Then discover all the Little Creature episodes from 23 December when you subscribe to Kinderling Premium (Kinderling App - iOS only) or at Executive Production: Lorna Clarkson Host: Amy Taylor-Kabbaz Editing and Sound Design: Max Gosford See for privacy information.

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**IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Hey Grown up. Kinderling Kids Radio here with a very important announcement for all the fans of Bedtime Explorers.  Bedtime Explorers is moving to subscription. All the new seasons of Bedtime Explorers 'Out Of This World', Little Creatures, Daytime Explorers 'Feelings' and the upcoming season 'Magical Beings' - are all exclusively available via the Kinderling Kids Radio App - now available in YOUR country . When you download the Kinderling App – and start your 30 day free trial – you’ll not only have access to all the episodes you know and love – advertising free – you will also unlock lots of new seasons of Bedtime Explorers that you may not have heard before! And – if you are new to Kinderling – then you’ll love discovering ALL our other award winning shows designed for kids - like Busy Bodies, The Fact Detectives, Sing-A Song, Fun Fables and so many more.