Episode #042 | Emma Heal, Managing Director of Lucky Saint

Today’s guest is Emma Heal, Managing Director of Lucky Saint, the UK’s biggest dedicated alcohol-free beer brand with the aim to “inspire the world to drink better.” Emma tells us what a Managing Director does and what it was like to take on her role at Lucky Saint in February 2020… just one month before the pandemic began. We then take a deep dive into the business: the incredible growth Lucky Saint has seen (growing 150% year on year), who their customers are, and what sets the brand apart from the other no- and low-products on the market. Finally, Emma talks us through her career to date spanning a range of food and drink brands, what led her to pursue a career in beer, and what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry. Here’s Emma…

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On every episode of Beer with Nat, I share a beer and a chat with people who do what they love for a living... they work in the beer industry. As we’ve all ended up in this industry by pursuing a passion or chasing a dream, you can bet each guest has some pretty incredible stories to tell.