Re-Release E15: A Sustainable Business Model for Growth with Adrianna Locke

taking her business online. Adrianna Locke is an acupuncturist and entrepreneur based in Portland, OR. Her work is centered around helping individuals and communities find ease, wholeness, and empowerment through natural medicine. She believes in reclaiming ancient practices to build a better world. Through her business, Zócalo Wellness, she offers self-care kits, online courses, and wellness coaching. In this episode, you’ll hear Adriana’s transformational journey from being a one-on-one practitioner, to building a scalable business without burning out in the process. She takes us step-by-step through her path, exploring new online business models, and shares her insights into self-care and building a sustainable business. A new cohort for Content Boot Camp begins soon. Content Boot Camp, our flagship program, includes 12-weeks of guided instruction, support, and practice creating content that sells so you can create a marketing system that works without you. Apply today!

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