Re-Release E16: Why Your Business Needs Standard Operating Procedures with Kronda Adair

What happens to your business when you head out on a quick weekend getaway to take your fancy dog to a dog show, and an epic snow and ice storm hits? Find out on this week’s episode as I share with you my experience running a business completely cut off from the entire team. I’ll let you in on a bit of secret; documentation and a well-trained, empowered team make all the difference in the world. Today’s episode could have been a sad tale filled with chaos and miscommunication, but instead, you’ll hear how my team was able to handle all the core business functions without me. Sure, we had to make a few pivots here and there, but overall we made it through with minimal impact on our clients and the business. I hope this episode serves as a warning, but more so inspiration to create documentation in your business. If you’re ever stuck and completely cut off from your team like I was, you’ll be grateful you took the time to create your SOPs. That same documentation will also give you the freedom to intentionally step away from your business whenever you want simply because you want to take a break. Now that’s gold. Let’s get into it. A new cohort of Content Boot Camp is starting. Content Boot Camp, our flagship program, includes 12-weeks of guided instruction, support, and practice creating content that sells so you can create a marketing system that works without you. Apply today!

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