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We visit 1976 and arrive on our journey in the UK with Alf Joint, Vic Armstrong and Wendy Leech as the doubles and Wayne Docksey as the Animal Coordinator in this horror thriller starring Gregory Peck and Lee Remick.We'll explore the action in the film and chat with Wayne who reminds us there is no such thing as a trained rat.Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already done so and visit the YouTube channel for our visual episode every Friday where we look at Wednesday's podcast episode from a different angle.Enjoy and thank you.

Om Podcasten

This isn't just a celebration of the James Bond movies but is also a huge thank you to those men and women who have put us on the edge of our seats and taken our breath away with exciting action sequence and breathtaking stunts. A journey through Film and Television action.Your host is Jon Auty who is a stunt historian, co-host of podcast The Stunt Pod and author of the book 'Jump Rocky Jump' about the life and times of legendary Film and Television stuntman Rocky Taylor and the soon to be released 'Ever Heard of Evel Knievel', the definitive guide to the stunts history of the James Bond Film Series.