"I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." Greetings Goblin Kings and Queens - join Deb Tracey and myself as we go into the Labyrinth in search of Bowie, Superman and Fraggle Rock. Usual Betamax fare of course. It's another first-time watch for me, as usual aim all abuse at the usual channels. Please leave a five star review and subscribe to wherever you get your podcasts. Word of mouth is crucial for podcasts and every share, recommendation and like makes a huge difference. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Executive producers: Keith Foster, Jimi Fletcher, Mark Drakes, Matt Cunnington, Chris Hopkins, Omar Zambon, Ian Maddrell, Catrin Lowe, Mark Machin, Zoltan Vago, Simon Smith, Wayne McNally, Darren Hodgkins, Dan Wellington, Alex Heale, Philip Rothenberger, Alan Fewings, Tom Carr, James Kennedy, Simon Pegg, Jo Harrison, Anita Singh, Jason Clarkson Associate producer: Chris Oakley Visit for more information about bonus episodes, early access, discounted Betamax Video Club merchandise and more.

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The original Betamax podcast: Rewinding back to our favourite films of the 1980s.