Designing Your Business to Make Space for Everyday Life with Charlotte Isaac

When Charlotte Isaac first started her business as an operations consultant, she had a lot of clarity around what she wanted her business to provide for her - including time for travel and lots of space to take care of the necessities of everyday life. In this episode, she talks about the unique ways she’s created that time and space in her business including her decision to take Mondays off and the boundary she set of only checking email twice a week. We also chat about the importance of knowing what success looks like for you and about the benefits of being realistic, not overly optimistic, about your client capacity. Finally, Charlotte tells us all about how her systems act like the bouncer in her business to protect her energy and time. Learn more about the Time Freedom coaching program:   Learn more about Ashley:   Follow Ashley on Instagram:   Learn more about Charlotte:   Follow Charlotte on Instagram:

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Ashley Gartland isn't your typical business coach. She cares more about creating time freedom for you than she does about helping you do more or hustle harder or scale faster. And on Better Than Big, she's bringing you transparent conversations with real small business owners who've figured out how to run simple, sustainable businesses that match their definition of success and free up their time for what's most important. In each conversation, Ashley and her guests explore the shifts they've made to their services, schedule, systems, team and personal habits so they can work less and live more. They talk about the decisions they’ve made, the things they’ve said no to and the choices and tradeoffs they’ve weighed to create a business that deeply serves their life and provides them with time for their families, health, personal development, hobbies and more. To learn more about the podcast, visit