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BONUS E1 | Navigating Maternity Leave & Scaling a Business With a Newborn

Today is a very special episode with just Jen Davis! We had some interest in learning more about Jen’s experience having a baby and scaling her business at the same time, and so she recorded an episode about it where she chats through maternity leave, struggles, wins, mistakes, and what she did during the first 6 months of her baby's life as a mom and a business owner.From Jen:I am so beyond blessed to have my little baby boy Ryder (who inspired my new studio name - he was born in June 2020!) - but I think beyond sharing the happy, positive, wonderful side of new motherhood it's important to also talk about how hard it can be, especially as someone running a business full time from home.An important note: like all businesses, all babies (and mamas) are different and find different things that work for them. I am only sharing my personal experience in the hopes that it might encourage other mamas and/or help you avoid the mistakes I made! Like all of our episodes, take what resonates and leave the rest!Facebook Group: Resources Page: Mentioned:

Om Podcasten

Hosts Giselle Field of Wander Design Co. and Jen Davis of Jen Davis Design met on Facebook and quickly became biz (and designer) buddies. The branding world felt secretive, competitive, and sometimes really confusing, so their weekly chats were not only LIFE-GIVING but also very much needed in the midst of their crazy schedules. They realized that their honest, soul-chat-level convos could potentially help other brand designers—and thus, Better: The Brand Designer Podcast was born.