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S3 E8 | How to Book Your Dream Clients with Meredith Uyeyama from Quixotic Design Co

One of the most popular questions we get asked is how we book our ideal clients. Today we have Meredith Uyeyama from Quixotic Design Co on the podcast to chat all about booking dream clients and nailing the sales call.We open the episode sharing our favorite places to get icons for branding projects. Meredith then tells her story about starting a design studio, becoming a creative director, and managing a team.We dive into how Meredith has defined her ideal client and successfully found her niche in the industry. Meredith shares how she got her first client and her number one tip for getting referrals.We share our advice for having an abundance mindset, branding for our ideal client, writing goals and keeping promises to ourselves. Meredith talks all about the strategies her team uses to build relationships with dream clients and the value of building rapport before selling.If you’re ready to level up your design business and confidently book that dream client, this episode is full of tangible takeaways for you! We can’t wait to hear what you think!Facebook Group: Resources Page: Mentioned:https://www.quixoticdesignco.com$25 off website templates with code BBD: 

Om Podcasten

Hosts Giselle Field of Wander Design Co. and Jen Davis of Jen Davis Design met on Facebook and quickly became biz (and designer) buddies. The branding world felt secretive, competitive, and sometimes really confusing, so their weekly chats were not only LIFE-GIVING but also very much needed in the midst of their crazy schedules. They realized that their honest, soul-chat-level convos could potentially help other brand designers—and thus, Better: The Brand Designer Podcast was born.