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Our Children's Emotional Well-being

av Beyond Circumstance | Publicerades 2/2/2021

In this episode we have our first interview!  Sinead Welsh from Kind Minds joins us to share her professional experience of being an advocate for children through her many years of experience as a social worker dealing with safeguarding children and young adults and she shares her vision of the 'Kind Minds' app, a preventative tool available to anyone with a smart phone to have real, lived experiences shared across a huge range of issues.

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Do you feel that your circumstances limit what you believe that you can or can't do? Join professional life coaches Shauna and Alan Bates every Tuesday as they share their personal story and how they lived beyond circumstances through the life and death of their daughter Rhiannon, who suffered from a rare neurodegenerative disease. Each episode contains powerful information to help you grow and overcome the difficult circumstances that you believe are controlling your life.