Episode 5: Evangeline Sarda

The guest interview for this episode is with Evangeline Sarda, JD. Evangeline (she, her, hers) is an Associate Clinical Law Professor at Boston College Law School. She is a co-creator of Group Relations International (GRI) and a Fellow of the A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems (AKRI) and she was also a guest on Season 1 of the podcast. Evangeline has directed and consulted at many group relations conferences and will be directing the A. K. Rice institute's 2024 National Conference. In our conversation Evangeline and I discussed her group relations origins and influences, her personal narratives regarding race and culture, and her continued commitment to doing group relations work.  

Om Podcasten

This podcast, sponsored by Group Relations International (Grouprelations.org), an organization dedicated to serving as a home for people who have experienced the power of group relations work, particularly in combination with spirituality and social justice, was created to provide listeners with an alternative way to interact with Group Relations content, hear perspectives from seasoned Group Relations folks and people new to the work as well. Our vision was to continue our exploration of ”the work” we typical do in Group Relations Conferences in an alternative format that falls outside the typical boundaries of a Group Relations conference. Beyond the Boundaries is hosted by four GRI Co-creators, Emmanuel Molin, Amber Williams, Rod Smith, and Lauren Levy. Join us as we travel Beyond the Boundaries, together.