Beyond The Chameleon

Ep 04 Interview with Akin Akinsiku

av Beyond The Chameleon | Publicerades 9/17/2020

Today, in the Beyond The Chameleon Podcast, Ella talks to Akin Akinsiku, a Bafta award-winning director at Five Apples and The Department of Image Creative Studio. They talked about sensitive, and vital topics regarding inclusivity, racism, politics, and privilege. Akin on Instagram: @iamakinsiku & @thedepartmentofimage Ella’s also on there now: @ella.jarmanpinto For more info about working with Ella: Support the podcast:

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Conversations on Belonging in the Creative Media Industries. Join composer Ella Jarman-Pinto as she talks to TV and Film industry professionals about how feelings of belonging vs fitting in can be the key to improving inclusivity both behind and in front of the screen.